Cancelled a plan within 24 hours but the order still went through


I was contacted by TSA asking if I wanted to go on a new plan and receive a new phone. I agreed but asked if there was a cooling off period. Was told yes. Well less than 24 hours later I decided it wasn't a suitable plan and contacted Telstra online chat to cancel my order. I prefer online chat as I can see what was said for my records. Was at first told no order had been placed. Then was told yes it would be cancelled and they were sending an email to have it cancelled straight away. Phoned later to have it confirmed that it was cancelled and was told nothing had been ordered or cancelled and it was all fine. Was  then worried I had been scammed so sent an email off to the complaints department needing it to be resolved. Was sent back an email saying it was legit and the order and cancellation had been referenced. Now ive gotten two texts and an email saying my plan has changed and a phone is on its way. Rang Telstra and got the same run around until I could hear the lady reading out loud what was said in the online chat. Hallelujah someone read what they were paid to. Now however she has told me to not take the delivery of the phone so it goes back to the warehouse and my plan should be cancelled. Whats the point of a cooling off period if it has to be done after the phone turns up and how do you prove when the phone was delivered to show it was sent back before the 10 days?

Jupiter2017-05-24 14:01

If you have an email from the Telstra Complaints department, then it should be OK. Even if something goes wrong later, the email will be evidence that you did the right thing.

Just make sure that nobody accepts the package, and if they do, do not open it and call back for a return satchel so that you can get it back to Telstra.

It really should be as simple as ringing up and cancelling and the dipatch process should stop, but it is not set up that way unfortunately.

I would also not recommend buying anything from a cold call sales department. There is no way you can do the comparison properly in the time of a phonecall to see if it is actually suitable for you.

barney20002017-05-24 18:02

Thanks Jupiter.

Hopefully I can get the phone back within 10 days. I live in a rural area. I did have the TSA guy on the phone for ages as I looked up the Telstra website at the same time. He was new and had his manager with him. I wanted to know if I could change my mind and was told yes there is a cooling off period. All the information was supposed to be emailed. No email arrived which was what prompted me to online chat and ring and check with complaints.

I have all the ref numbers and ID numbers for the Telstra workers but not the TSA worker. Usually I don't go ahead with the cold callers but as usual my old phone stopped working just after the warranty ran out so I said yes. Thinking I had cancelled the order I brought a second hand phone.

I've since been told  by another customer that because it's not Telstra but a contracted company, the order goes into their system but not straight to Telstra.  A bit of a problem if you don't know it's not actually Telstra. Telstra earns money but outsources everything from the PR to the call centres.