Do I have to use the Telstra Gateway Frontier Modem


I have just changed my Telstra account, deleting the rental of my landline phone number and fax duet and signing up for a 24 month BizEssentials $80 for 500GB internet which included the line rental with no phone number.

I did this in discusion with a Telstra adviser on line.

Today I received by courier a Telstra Gateway Pro Modem & a Telstra 4Gx USB Pro.

The adviser never mentioned that I would need to change over my existing router to the Telstra version or that there was any changes need to be made regarding set up.

Can anyone please tell me if i must use the Telstra Modem in place of my D.Link and if so how do  I find out what the set up process is.



DrQ2017-05-24 18:27

You don't have to change over your modem, typically on business accounts, you can have a 4G backup which is the USB pro and that will typically only work when configured to one of the Telstra modems. So if you want you can leave it the way it is but you would typically not be able to access the backup. Usually, the Telstra gateways are configured to be plug and play, so if you did want to use it - it should be as simple as plugging in the power and the line and it should find the connection.

ChrisP11082017-05-24 18:51

Thank you Do I have to use the Telstra Gateway Frontier Modem