Lot of unwanted apps at each synchoniza​tion (Asphalt, Block Breaker Deluxe 2, etc...)


Hello all

I've got a BB Curve 9300G.

Each time I synchronize it with BB desktop Sw, it adds me several apps I do not want:

Block Breaker Deluxe 2, Google Mobile App, AIM, Asphalt, Feeds Configs, etc...

Is it linked with BB AppWorld addition ?

Blackberry make such ads: "We want tools, not toys". So why force me to have those unwated and useless apps ?

How could I definitely get ridd of this ?

I want to optimize my space storage on my device.

Each time, I have to go in '"Annuaire de service" (sorry, I don't knwo exact US translation). and delete the unwanted apps & configs.

Thanks all



Esperoni2012-05-08 13:36

Directory of Service? What information are you synching with DM and your device?

I am not sure of some of the apps that you listed, but Social Feeds, Brick breaker usually come preinstalled with any OS. You should be able to delete the apps from your device by going though the Desktop Manager.

You can also log into App World (From your device) and go to My World, and manually delete the apps that you do not want installed.

Any app or program that doesn't appear in App World, usually means they were pushed by the carrier, or they have come pre-installed on the OS.