Madden Mobile Auction House not working


The devs are currently aware of this issue and are working on a fix. Watch the official twitter for updates here -

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TallestMidgets2014-09-25 16:07

Every time I try to open the auction house. It's says it is not available right now. Sometimes it opens, but when I place a bid it closes without letting me make the bid. PLEASE HELP.

iwantfooood2014-09-25 19:00

If you are trying to access it at night the auction house does nto work at night

dano5162015-01-26 18:43

I sold a Fridge elite card for 1.25 million about 3 hours ago on the auc house and I have not gotten my money and the card has completely disappeared. Can someone fund me my cash? because I am extremely pissed off and also just payed over 20 dollars for this game. Thank you

Bmxracer342015-01-26 18:48

Please wait 24 hours for the items to process. If they do not return please reply here so I can further help you.

If I answered your question please hit the xp button and accept this answer as the solution to help me level up!

dano5162015-01-26 18:50

bmxracer34, I sold a chandler jones 92 ovr last night for 500k and have not recieved any benefits after 24 hours. Please direct message me so we can talk further. Thank you! i will do the xp thing for you if you can send me my funds that I am pissed I have not gotten yet.

Bmxracer342015-01-26 18:57

You can contact EA here.

You can live chat with an EA representative here.

Thank you for being cooperative.

firefox820002015-02-07 11:56

I bidded on 5 cards 3 of which were the super bowl news cards the 5th one 1st one and the 2nd one. The other two cards were two players which I don't know there names but I bidded a total of 187,000 coins on them. I lost both and lost my money. Also I put 6 cards up for auction 1 elite Tom Brady up for sale and 5 gold players up for sale the auction ended and I don't know if they sold or what but I did not receive coins or the cards back and I looked in the auctions and mail for them but did not find them. This is not the first time I have lost coins from the auction I really would like my stuff back.

woodroffe922015-02-07 19:39

Just put on 20+ cards, all of the gold and elite players. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE DISAPPEARED. Why is this happenings?

BlitzPorter2015-02-08 17:47

Just bid on 2 Michael Vick cards. One 84 and one 99. Was bidding on the 84 OVR Mike Vick and was told i had the highest bid when the time ran out. When time hit 0, i saw a pending and then the clock started to go negative so i backed out and hit the refresh button. The card had disappeared and so had my 3.5 mill also. I thought it was nothing because this happens a lot and I'm used to getting my coins and/or card within the next 20 minutes to 8 hours. So I bid on a 99 Michael Vick for 3.5 mill, which I thought was weird because he was going for 7mill+ but this one was 3.5 mill bid with 20 seconds left. So i bid on him, it tells me I have the highest bid again. The same exact thing happens and I lose ANOTHER 3.5 mill for a total of 7mill+. I'm a bit agitated because the servers have been crappy lately and even though I have speedy internet connection, I still lag when placing a bid and getting my coins back when being outbid, which has caused me to lose multiple bids. I'm just saying, something should be done. I am a 97 OVR team and I sold some of my best players in this gamble to get Michael Vick. I need my coins back. This is not fair at all.