Merge microsoft live (in my case @msn) account to skype. Not the usual way.


Hey there,

I've been trying to connect my microsoft live account (this account's mailadress an with my Skype account .

To clear things up: I have used my microsoft account to skype before I could merge it, both are not linked to anything (except facebook on the live account), the live account has never showed the "add existing skype account" page (this‚Äčlink-my-skype-and-microsoft-accounts). Neither is it possible anymore to add it by Outlook.

I have literally tried every youtube video and every website, yet there is no way.

For technical info my live account shows as "live:....mailadress......." in skype.

How can I still merge it?

Or rather why not add a button to the profile page with "add microsoft account" that would make it 100% less frustrating.