multiple sms sent at exactly the same time


Mobile number <removed>

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Phone make: Samsung Galaxy Notebook 5

On my current usage I have looked at and printed out the spreadsheet for the last few days. On the 18th May at 3:19 PM the same SMS went to the same number 5 times. At 2:54 PM the same message went to the same number 3 times. At 2:44 PM, 4 times. 11:42 AM, 5 times. At 11:03 AM 2 times. At 10:26 AM 7 times. At 9:48 AM 2 times..

I have been charged for all these messages. So instead of being charged for 8 SMS's I have been charged for 28. Very disappointing and annoying. I have been a loyal Telstra customer for over 20 years and have never considered changing suppliers until now.

Please look into this and respond.

Henry Malone

DrQ2017-05-24 15:15

Hi Henry,

This is a public forum, so I have requested that the moderators remove your details for your own privacy. It is highly recommended that you do not publish your account/phone number details or any identifiable personal details on public forums.

Also because this is a public forum it does mean that there is a limited ability for support to be provided via these forums due to the open nature of it as a platform.

If this is the usage month-to-date summary document, it can reflect things that are not processed on the final bill, so for example if an SMS is attempted multiple times due to any reason (low reception, network issue - either Telstra or receiving network, issue with receiver device) it can show them all there as multiple attempts but in the final billing it should only reflect the one. So that document is only really a rough guide on billed usage, the final detailed bill is your actual billed charges.

If you did want to enquire on or dispute the usage your best bet would be to contact Telstra directly, you can do that by phone on 132200 or if you prefer to do it online you can contact them via LiveChat -

harbren2017-05-24 15:44

Thanks. I comlpetely forgot about the public nature of the forum.

You have answered my query. Plesase delete my original post.

Henry Malone

Ashley2017-05-24 15:48

Hi Henry,

I have edited your original post to remove your personal details, but we won't delete the rest of the post as the answer may help other customers.