NBN roll out.


It is a holiday home so I do not use landline or Internet , so how do I get someone to install the NBN. They seem to want you to sign up with them.

cretsiah2017-05-24 14:50


If you dont use the land line then you dont really need to sign up HOWEVER the catch to this is that when the transference to the NBN CO takes place completely you will not be able to use the line even in an emergerncy....

If you want to be able to make phone calls from the house line (even to the police, ambulance, fire brigade and your mobile is not working then your kind of stuffed).

you could look at voice only packages Call 1800 993 728

DrQ2017-05-24 15:22

The same as with the copper network you can not get an installation done without having a service ordered. If you do not currently need to use the network it is something you wouldn't be able to get installed until you did need to use it and were going to take a service up to allow you access to it.

Val502017-05-24 23:15

Thank you. I contacted Telstra and they said not to bother at the moment