Now a telstra customer.


I was paying $3 a week. Now that i have the free subscription do i need to cancel the $3 a week? Or it's already done?

Thanks in advance.

Kjorg2017-05-24 14:31

Hi @Tee7126

Thank you for your enquiry.

If you've redeemed the 2017 NRL Live Pass for Telstra customers, you will need to cancel your paid subscription.

They’re ongoing subscriptions until cancelled as per the terms

Depending on how you are charged will determine how the subscription was signed up

If charged to a Credit Card, the charge description will be listed as below

Telstra Applications Melbourne = Subscribed via Website

GOOGLE *Telstra CorpGOOGLE.COM = In App subscription via Google Play

APPLE ITUNES STORE SYDNEY = In App Subscription via iTunes

Once you've confirmed, please follow the relevant instructions here to cancel the subscription

Please let us know if you require any further assistance.