premium content default setting


I have a long history of personally resolving conflicts and often having others resolve them for me with the force of the law. The reason for 100% success is choice of the conflicts that are worthy of the effort and cost.

I now have a significant conflict with Telstra that is not worth spending too much effort to resolve, but nevertheless does need a a resolution. I feel connected to Telstra with the extensive mobile coverage. Its a bit like wanting BHP or Qantas shares in my superannuation.

Rather than vote with my feet, I prefer that Telstra would want to rectify the problems that I have raised with them via their overseas call centre and sometimes by phone and email to Australian based native english speakers.

My gripe refers to the default setting on my post pay mobile plans. Apparently the default setting is for premium content to be allowed. To set premium content allowance to zero dollars, it is necessary to phone the call centre and request it. The call centre then advises that premium content is off or set to zero. If sometime later the decision is made to upgrade the plan, it appears that the default allow premium content is again activated. A legitimate question would be "why is this necessary?" If a client wishes premium content disabled by having the allowance set to zero, why would Telstra think that an upgraded plan would mean premium content should now be allowed?

If the call centre info about automatic reinstatement of premium content on plan upgrade is not quite accurate, there must be some other Telstra reason or problem for it, because I have always asked for no premium content and twice in 10 years I have been charged for services that were never requested. Finding out how this happened is like pulling teeth!

When I look at my bill or my account settings on-line, I cannot find anywhere that indicates the premium content status. It would be so easy for Telstra to have the status prited on each bill and on the client accessible account. I have made many request to Telstra for this ommission to be rectified but have been met with a blank wall of inactivity. My understanding is that there are a large number of premium content charges complaints., The only conclusion I can reach is that commission for 3rd party billing is worth more to Telstra than any consideration for their loyal customers.

It has been difficult, but not impossible, to have Telstra remove the premium content 3rd party billings from my account. Typical responses are: you clicked on a website banner, gave someone your mobile number (well said Telstra), your responsibility and (best of all) nothing to do with Telstra.

Responses have always been that I have no relationship with the 3rd party, so it is Telstra responsibility. Complaints to Telstra re premium content settings access are still current.