Reportable Employer Contributi​ons


An old employee opted out of kiwisaver but ought to join now, but employer contribution amount doesn't show on pay slip.



jenniek2014-10-20 12:13

Hi there @heyna

Have you checked that the 3% is showing on the kiwisaver part of the compulsary deductions page?

heyna2014-10-20 13:11

Yes I have added on the last pay when IRD instructed to do so, thanks more help please.

Steven_M2014-10-21 08:10

Hi @heyna

I would make sure that the employee has been setup correctly. In the Maintenance>>Maintain Employees>>Personal Details for that Employee make sure that "Entitled to reside in NZ indefinitely" is ticked. In the Compulsory deductions section for the employee that you have "Eligible for KiwiSaver" ticked. Along with that  make sure you have the employer contribution amount in the Employer contribution (funded by the employer) percentage entered - Standard is 3% I believe. Finally in the Pay Defaults/Totals tab, for the KiwiSaver line enter the required rate that the employee wants to contribute i.e. 3% you would enter 0.03 into the Rate.

When you are processing the pays you can see the Employee and the Employer Contributions for the KiwiSaver by selecting the Super button on the left hand side. This will bring up the Employer Super Calculation window, which would similar to:
Reportable Employer Contributi​ons

In regards to printing the payslip, there should be a line on it "Net Employer Superannuation Contributions". This line will report the Employer KiwiSaver contribution i.e. the last column on that Employer Super calculations window.