Temperatur​e for HP 15.6'' ProBook 4540s, Procesor Intel® Core™ i5-3210M, HD 4000 ???



I bought a probook 4540 a week ago. Was the version with ATI HD 7650M.

This laptop is very hot. The hotest part is just under the left hand in the left part right near the touchpad (touchpad's left).

I saw that there is having the graphic chipset under the case. So the heat problem come from graphic chip.

If it was in other part of the laptop wouldn't be a problem but right under my hand is not confortable at all. Especially when typing.

I returned it. I like HP products and I want to try another one.

Now I saw that there is the very same model but WITHOUT dedicated graphic chipset (ATI HD 7650M):

HP 15.6'' ProBook 4540s, Procesor Intel Core i5-3210M 2.5GHz Ivy Bridge, 4GB, 750GB, HD 4000

1. Will it be cooler or just as warm as the first version?

2. Should I look for an i5 ultra low voltage or this probook without graphic chipset will be cool enough?

Thank you.

UniProg2013-07-15 12:52

Hello cafe,

Your ProBook is a Business model.  Your issue would be best answered on the HP Enterprise Business Community Forum

Good luck!