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On my bill under usage it will show text sent to one of my phones but will have a set of numbers I instead of a mobile number. How can I determine what number it sent from?

ATTMobilityCare2016-06-14 14:38

Hi @Tlarez

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Typically when you see a “set of numbers” instead of a mobile number, those are “short codes”. Businesses use codes that are typically 5-6 digit numbers that give customers a convenient way to send a receive information. Common things are that short codes are used for are coupons, subscriptions, contests, voting, alerts, etc.

A popular example of a short code is 32665 which is used by Facebook. There are sites that you can go to online which will tell you where the short code originated. I can’t fully guarantee the accuracy of the site, but you may want to try  https://www.usshortcodes.com/info/. Under “Find a Short Code, enter the number that is listed on you bill and it may let you know what business it came from.

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