using telstra gateway with airport extreme on the nbn


I am about to try to connect to the nbn using a telstra gateway.  I currently connect to the internet using apple airport extreme connected to a netgear router that is connected to an ADSL modem.  My question is this: do I simply replace the netgear router with the gateway, plugging the airport module into it, or do I need to connect the netgear router to the gateway and then the gateway to the nbn?

cf42017-05-24 21:43

The apple airport extreme should be able to connect directly to the Telstra gateway without using the Netgear Router.

Is the any reason why you use the Netgear Router with the ADSL connection? Why not connect apple airport extreme direct to ADSL modem?

DavidUnley2017-05-24 21:54

That's the way it was set up for me - I was told I needed to use the router to be be able access wifi throughout the house.  So, I don't need to do that?


cf42017-05-24 22:49

The Apple Airport extreme has its own Wi-Fi and is a router so it should work connected directly to Telstra Gateway. If you don't need the phone should set gateway to Bridge mode, Turn Wi-Fi of on Gateway and set WAN on Apple Airport extreme to DHCP for an NBN connection.